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British Car Flea Market List of Parts for Sale

Open to All Buyers and Sellers

No Charge for This Event

Contact Bill Lynn E-mail: or 847-940-9347
Pictures Available Upon Request

Tub Quantity Description (all parts good used unless otherwise indicated) Price
1 2 lower trunnions grease zerk in side of unit (used) $55.00 each
1 1 Bottom spring pans Make Offer
1 3 Vertical link (1 w/stub axle) Make Offer
1 2 Upper wishbones w/fulcrum pin Make Offer
1 3 Lower link arms Make Offer
1 2 Upper fulcrum pin Make Offer
1 2 Coil springs Make Offer
1 4 Aluminum spring packing Make Offer
1 2 Front drum brake backing plates Make Offer
2 2 TR2 cast grills (small, easily repairable cracks) $125.00 each
2 1 TR3 blue front badge (rough) Make Offer
2 misc Trafficator parts 12/59 2/59 9/59 10/59 Make Offer
2 2 Boot prop rod Make Offer
3 1 L & R front drum brake suspension TR2 Make Offer
1 Engine TS13160E (complete engine) Make Offer
1 Engine TS59228E (complete engine) Make Offer
1 Engine TS3284E (bare block only) Make Offer
1 TR4 Full Syncro Transmission Make Offer
1 Transmission TS 41046 Make Offer
1 Lockheed rear axle TS 13101 (no axles) Make Offer
1 Low port head Make Offer
4 1 TR cabin heater Make Offer
4 1 Clayton cabin heater (TS141) Make Offer
4 1 R stone guard rear wing Make Offer
4 1 R & L wing mirrors aftermarket Make Offer
4 1 Early rear view mirror Make Offer
4 1 Early rear view mirror no glass Make Offer
4 1 Set of female Dzus bonnet latches Make Offer
4 1 Toggle overdrive switch Make Offer
4 1 Early front bumperette Make Offer
4 1 Cubby Box door w/latch&key Make Offer
4 1 Single thermostat housing Make Offer
4 1 Left side rear lever shock Make Offer
4 4 Heater shutoff valve (1 w/handle) Make Offer
4 1 Jaeger fuel gauge Make Offer
2 Smallmouth TR3 front aprons 1 w/headlight pods,cross brace, 1 w/bonnet pop-up spring, 1 with cut-out for oil cooler
1 Duzs mount windscreen disassembled, includes stanchions Make Offer
1 L side fixed window sidescreen frame Make Offer
1 Steel cable release bonnet Make Offer
1 Pair late TR2 rear wings, lots of bondo but good contours Make Offer
1 Pair front wings TR3a JMK Make Offer
1 Boot lid TR2 Make Offer
2 Steel spare tire boot cover Make Offer
S1 2 10" brake drums Make Offer
S1 1 Steel wheel 15 x 5 1/2? Make Offer
S4 2 9" brake drum Make Offer
S4 2 10" brake drum Make Offer
S4 1 Steel transmission cover no dip stick hole $45.00
S5 Misc AC fuel pump parts Make Offer
S5 1 TR2 windscreen wiper motor, rack 6/54 $125.00
5 1 Dual master cylinder Make Offer
5 1 Girling fluid reservoir Make Offer
5 6 Lockheed brake adjuster Make Offer
5 1 Accelerator pedal missing one bearing cup Make Offer
5 1 TR 4/4A shift lever bent style Make Offer
5 1 Clutch inspection cover Make Offer
5 misc Brake line, e brake cable,wheel cylinder Make Offer
5 1 Pawl for emergency brake TR2/3/3A Make Offer
5 1 Pair Girling rear brake wheel cylinder Make Offer
6 1 Set 86mm Pistons & sleeves almost new removed from rebuilt engine $250.00
6 4 Rod caps Make Offer
7 1 Flat face jaeger tach Make Offer
7 misc Valve train parts Make Offer
7 1 Fuel shutoff valve housing only Make Offer
7 1 pair late top radiator brace rod Make Offer
8 misc Btm end parts (from engines listed separately ?) Make Offer
9 1 pair of TR2 front wheel hubs $120.00 for pair
9 1 pair of TR2 rear wheel hubs $120.00 for pair
9 7 TR2 wire wheel hubs (one full set and partial set missing one rear hub) $250.00 per set
10 1 TR3A/B front bumper overider NOS Make Offer
10 2 exhaust pipe clamps no bolts NOS Make Offer
10 2 front wheel felt grease seals NOS Make Offer
10 3 Large tenax snaps with machine screw studs NOS Make Offer
10 2 Large Female Tenax Fasteners NOS Make Offer
10 12 Front wheel studs post TS13000 NOS Make Offer
10 2 U Joints NOS Make Offer
10 1 ball bearing SCA 206 R4 NOS Make Offer
10 2 Rear axle seals (tagged TR2) NOS Make Offer
10 1 Chicago Rawhide seal 14938 NOS Make Offer
10 1 Oil seal Unipart GHS110 NOS Make Offer
10 1 Transmission layshaft caged bearing NOS (No. 58088 or 145008) Make Offer
10 1 Transmission bearing NOS (No. 58088 or 145008) Make Offer
10 1 Front Oil seal TR2 thru TR4 Unipart 104662 NOS Make Offer
10 3 Unipart universal thermostat housing gasket NOS Make Offer
10 2 Stanpart seal 109534 NOS Make Offer
10 1 Heater firewall fitting aftermarket NOS Make Offer
10 1 Coach key No. 2 Make Offer
10 2 battery hold down wing nut Make Offer
10 1 Stanpart rear transmission seal (TR3?) 58958 NOS Make Offer
10 1 Unipart radiator cap 7psig NOS Make Offer
10 3 Oil filter canisters parts Make Offer
10 1 set brake/clutch pedal set Make Offer
10 1 set brake/clutch pedal set mounting plate only Make Offer
10 1 L & R Door latch set TR3a Make Offer
10 3 Wheel cylinder bleed plug NOS Make Offer
10 1 Clutch slave cylinder bleed plug NOS Make Offer
10 1 Girling rear axle brake rebuild kit NOS Make Offer
10 1 TR2 front brake line fittings Make Offer
10 1 Girling rebuild kit LKL7150 Nos Make Offer
10 2 Girling clutch slave cylinder rebuild kit NOS Make Offer
10 1 Lockheed rear brake cylinder NOS? Make Offer
10 1 Lockheed rear brake cylinder used Make Offer
10 1 Girling rear brake cylinder NOS Make Offer
10 6 Lockheed front drum brake lines condition? Make Offer
11 1 Rear lever shock link NOS? Make Offer
11 1 R&L pair tie rod ends NOS? Make Offer
11 2 drag link silentbloc bushings NOS Make Offer
11 1 TR2/3/3A/3B Transmission shift lever straight style Make Offer
11 1 Speedo cable gray plastic cover Make Offer
11 2 Upper fixing plates for e brake boot Make Offer
11 1 Cubby box lock 668 Make Offer
11 1 Triumph logo AM radio + ground no speaker works fine, can return $75.00
11 1 Brass coolant drain tap Make Offer
11 1 Generator belt tensioning arm Make Offer
11 4 beveled nuts for mounting wire wheel adaptors TR 3/3A/3B/4/4A NOS Make Offer
11 2 TR2 front apron badges aftermarket (no Triumph lettering on badge) NOS Make Offer
11 2 Engine oil pans Make Offer
11 1 Generator 9/57 front tension adjusting arm broken off Make Offer
11 1 Pilkington laminated windscreen glass , small star chip, passenger side next to stanchion screw
11 1 TR3 small mouth lower front apron chrome surround Make Offer
12 5 Jaeger bubble glass tach Make Offer
12 1 Jaeger bubble glass speedo Make Offer
12 misc Tach parts Make Offer
12 misc Speedo parts Make Offer
13 4 Hub caps for steel wheels surface rust, painted medallions excellent condition Make Offer
13 1 formed metal hook jack aftermarket NOS Make Offer
13 2 Tecalemit grease gun Nmbr. 1 , one restored $25.00 each
13 3 Jaeger bubble glass oil pressure gauges 1 w/no glass Make Offer
13 1 Lucas bubble glass amp gauge Make Offer
1 Pair L&R Black wedge style side curtains with sliding window New JMK $800.00
1 TR2 main wiring harness vinyl wires New JMK $250.00
13 1 wiring harness for center gauge panel lights Make Offer
13 1 Early heater fan rheostat w/screw set knob Make Offer
13 1 Single speed wiper switch 7/54 Make Offer
13 1 Locking choke cable w/knob Make Offer
13 1 TR2 Brake & License bulb holder Make Offer
13 misc Trafficator small parts Make Offer
2 TR2/3 one piece steering column, one adjustable, one standard Make Offer




TR4 Right Front Fender
TR4 Front Fender Filler Panels
TR4 Rear Bumper Guards
TR4 Steering Rack
TR4 Doors (Left and Right)
TR4 Door glass (Left and Right)
TR4 Trunk Lid Frame
TR4 Trunk Lid Stay (Sliding Type) (2)
TR4 Hood Hinge Set
TR4 Right Front Bumper Support Bracket
TR4 Heater Box
TR4 Exterior Door Handles (Fair)
TR4 Interior Door Handles (Fair)
TR4 Interior Door Pulls (1 Very Good, 1 Fair)
TR4 Window Crank Handle (Very Good)
TR4 Boot Lid Handle
TR4 Boot Hinges (Fair)
TR4 Valence Panel Stay Rods (L&R)
TR4 Defroster Outlet & Dash Top Trim Piece
TR4 Exterior air vent lid
TR4 Air vent assembly (dash)
TR4 Bonnet latch mechanism
TR4 Window Regulators (R&L)
TR4 Door Latch Assemblies (R&L)
TR4 Window Track Tie Rods (2)
TR4 Window Stop Brackets (2)
TR4 Radio mounting bracket
TR4 Interior Door Panel (Right)
TR3/4 Tachometer
TR3/4 Fan Hub Extension
TR3 Engine (needs rebuilt)
TR3/4 Parking Brake Lever
TR3/4 Set of 4 Wire Wheel Knockoffs (Good)
TR3/4 Set of 2 Wire Wheel Knockoffs (Fair)
TR3/4 Voltage Regulator
TR3/4 Gas cap lid (Fair)
TR3/4 Carburetor “horns” (2)
TR3/4 Wire wheel hub lug nuts (16)
TR3/4 Disc wheel lug nuts (16)
TR3/4 Distributor base
TR3 Bonnet (hood)
TR3 Sidecurtain Set
TR3 Bonnet Medallion-Blue/White (Fair)
TR3 Piston and rod set
TR3 Pistons and wrist pins (4)
TR4 Aluminum Cockpit Trim Pieces (3)
TR4 Windscreen Frame
TR4 Aluminum Windshield Trim Piece
GT6 Air Filter Cover
Spitfire Transmission (Needs rebuilt)
Spitfire Differential (Needs rebuilt)
TR3/4 Aluminum Tailpipe Extension
TR3/4 Monza dual exhaust outlet
Spitfire-Chrome hubcaps (4)


TR6 - a speedometer and a gas tank

TR7 - hood, steering wheel, complete instrument panel, intake manifold with dual Zenith 175 CD carbs, two complete tail light assemblies, front and rear side marker lights, radiator fan, turn signal / horn switch, windshield wiper switch, radio console, center console, center and left and right dash pads (black), gas cap neck with gas cap (large), door ash trays, hood latch assembly, various under dash ventilation pieces.

Four 15 inch 48 spoke wire wheels

Rear interior panel for a Spitfire.


A completely rebuilt J type overdrive transmission
A TR3 transmission with overdrive mainshaft and adapter.
Also will have 6 bins of miscellaneous TR6 bits


1970 TR6
full set of wire wheels 5 + hubs, nuts, inner tubes and tool from a TR250 ready to paint
4 fenders
Drive shaft
Brake booster
Black hub caps
door hinges
bonnet hinges
trunk lid hinges
convertible top frame
exhaust manifold
overflow bottle
starter brakemaster
peddle box
clutch master cyl
brake master cyl
seat frames
heater box and hoses
windshield frame
complete wiring harness
all lower crash pads
original yellow fan "perfect"
TR4 rebuilt tranny
Spitfire cat converter
spit competition wooden streeringwheel



I will be attending with a small allotment of Spitfire Parts.

1. New Carpet Set (black)
2. New Top
3. New Boot Cover
4. Used Tonneau - Excellent Condition
5. New Spare Tire
6. New Clutch Assembly
7. New Heater Control
8. Misc Small Parts inc. Fanbelt, Front End Bushings, Bearings, etc.



- TR7 / Dolomite Sprint 16 Valve Cylinder Heads
- Sprint related parts: Cam Cover, Timing Cover, Manifold, Pistons
- TR7 Engine Parts: Hepolite 9.25:1 Pistons, Std and +.030, Con Rod Sets
- TR7 Engine, Disassembled, email ahead if interested
- TR7 Instruments
- TR7 Sheet metal, Windscreen, email ahead if interested
- Stag 3.0 V8, Disassembled, email ahead if interested
- Stag 4 Speed Trans, Differential, email ahead if interested
- TR4A / TR6 Trans, Differential, Trailing Arms, email
- TR6 / GT6 Con Rod Set (6) lightened
- TR6 Cylinder Head
I have lots of other Triumph Treasures, so if you need something please ask.


Radio Console –72 and earlier
Radio Console w/ Pioneer Stereo/Cassette ---73 & Later
Grill Finisher Frame
Grill Center bar
Bullet Rear View Mirror
Ignition Switch (inner module)
Wood Dash –73-74
Valve Cover
Windshield Washer Reservoir with Motor
Oil Filter housing
Set of Road Springs
Steering Wheel Hub w/Horn Button (TRIUMPH)
Horn Button (TRIUMPH)
Rear Bumper w/License Plate Light---72
Front Bumper
Accelerator Pedal Assembly
Brake & Clutch Pedal Box
Vent Duct Splitter
(2) Air Louvre Eyeball
Rear Trailing Arm Brackets

(Items range from need of refinishing to good condition.)


4 TR6 wheels with rings and hubs with Redline Michelin 185/15 tires
$650.00 OBO


Parts for a '71 TR6 Part No.
Rear Tube Stock Conversion - Structural Type TRFCD31M
Bulkhead, Plenum, and Scuttle Assembly 821044
Wheel Arch Assembly LH -815957
Toe-Board Panel LH 815837
Toe-Board Panel RH 811981
Side Panel Bulkhead, LH 811985
Side Panel Bulkhead RH 811986
Pair of Stromberg Carburetors
Original Style Air Filters GFE1020
Original Style Oil Filter GFE131
Point Sets LUDSB101
Condenser LUDCB101
Rotor Arm 510024
Gasket Exhaust Flange GEG718
Exhaust Hanger Assembly GEC65
Exhaust Clip and Hanger GEC66
Brake Pad Set GIGP81
Repair Kit Brake Caliper GISP2589
wheel Cylinder 0.7 inch bore GI64674185
Gasket between Headlight and body shell LU54520919
RH Lense, Stop/Tail Lamp LU54585936
Ball Joint Pair RFK1130
Front Suspension Bushing Kit BK2
Differential Mounting Kit DMK6
Gearbox Cover Seal Set GCS6
Body Mountng Kit, Protection strips RFK162
Boot Kit, Steering Rack RFK135
Gasket Kit Guage Mounting RFK632
Northern Industries MIG135 Welder (new in Box)
Hobart 770424 XVS Series Welding Helmet Black
Heavy Duty Welding Cart (new in box)
Ingersol-Rand Air Hammer IR 116K (new in box)
Ingersol Rand Air Shear 7812 (new in box


Alloy Valve Cover (New)
Fuel Tank (From 1970)
Trunk Lid (Late 60s)
Carburetor Pair (HIF4), Intake Manifold & Heat Shield
Carburetor (Stromberg from 1979 MGB)
Transmission Support Bracket
Wheel Trim Rings (2)
Steering Wheel (1979)
Dunlop Wire Wheels (New) with Tires (4)
Rear Bumper Brackets (New)
Late model leaf springs
Late model front coil springs
Late model intake/exhaust manifold
Late model Transmission shift lever & knob
Dash (1968-1971)
Late model driveshaft
Radio blanking plate with MG badge
Late model cylinder head
Splined hubs-Rear (2)
Splined hubs-Front (1)
Rear Bumper guards (3)
Front bumper guards (2)
Chrome bumper license plate lights (2)
Exhaust manifold (Chrome bumper)
Starter motor
Bonnet prop (Gas)
Sway bar
Rear exhaust hanger bracket (Late MGB)
Oil filters (2)
Rear shock link (Late MGB)
Lower wishbone arms (2)


MGB = an aluminum hood (bonnet), steering wheel (from a '68 MGB), trunk lid, left and right door glasses, left and right vent window assemblies, left and right interior door handles, left and right window regulators, gear shift boot, speedometer cable, oil cooler, radiator shroud, convertible top frame, drive shaft and windshield frame (has cracked windshield in it).

I will also have a trunk lid for an MG Midget


All of this stuff is damaged to a greater or lesser degree. Most of the body panels are repairable. The trim components are mostly just old stock, some slightly flawed. We are not looking for a lot of money for these items, but we would like to see them go to good homes. Think in the range of, say $100.00 for a Heritage fender that would sell for five or six times that amount.

Qty. Description

3   RH Front Fenders, TR6
1   RH Rear Fender, TR6
1   LH Front Fender, MGB
2   Trunk Lids, MGB
1   Rear Hatch, MGB-GT
1   Rear Valance Panel, partial, MGB-GT
1   LH Main Floor Panel, TR6
1   Rear Floor, badly damaged, TR2, TR3, early TR3A
1   Trunk Lid, TR6
1 pair Rear Fender, MGB
1   LH Front Fender, MGB
2   Fairing Panels, MGB
1   Trunk Lid, TR3A, TR3B
4   RH Door Skins, TR6
1   RH Door Shell, TR6
1   Trunk Lid, TR4, TR4A, TR250 (handmade)
4   Bonnets, MGB
Misc. Tonneau Covers and Carpet Pieces
1   Trunk Trim Board, TR3A
1   Bisque Convertible Top Boot, with white piping, TR250 or TR6

Bring Tables or Tarps for Your Parts Display. A Pop-Up Canopy is Recommended in Case of Rain.

Free Lunch at The Roadster Factory on Saturday
with Drinks

    TRF Phone Is 800-283-1723. TRF Email Is